Tata Memorial Hospital: Web Forum Helps Doctors Find Best Course for Cancer Patients | Bombay News

MUMBAI: To show how digitization can ensure better cancer care, doctors at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Parel unveiled a virtual tumor board on Sunday in the presence of Union Health Minister JP Nadda .
The counseling is essentially a web-based video system that connects oncologists from across the country to discuss the best treatment plan for the complex cancer patients in their care. “It has been operational for two months. It connects 24 hospitals but we will soon be covering 96 medical schools and public and private hospitals that are part of the National Cancer Grid, ” said oncology surgeon Dr C Pramesh of Tata Hospital on the third day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. of the hospital.
Congratulating TMH for this initiative, Nadda said: “The board is a good step forward for India, and it will help us improve early detection and ensure the right treatment is given at the right time.
Doctors from various cancer specialties across the country tune in every Saturday for a two-year period to discuss difficult cases. “It is not possible to discuss the 10 lakh of new cancer cases detected across India every year, but difficult or rare cases will benefit a lot from this joint exercise,” said Dr Pramesh. He said studies had shown that patients whose treatment was decided by a medical board made up of doctors from various specialties have better survival rates than those treated by a single doctor.
The TMH, where 1,000 patients come each day for consultation, is overloaded and tries to “decentralize” cancer care. Last year, he launched Navya, a low cost electronic second opinion service for patients. The Virtual Tumor Board is another initiative to ensure that patients receive treatment closer to their homes, instead of traveling to Mumbai.
At the same time, the three-day seminar on “Health care: a commodity or a basic human need? ended with TMH director Rajendra Badwe reading the recommendations for the Indian health system. “In line with our Mumbai declaration, drawn up by 17 national and international experts, there is an immediate need to increase the allocation of central government funds to health care, from 1.4% to 3% of GDP, as well as ” a proportional increase in the contribution of States. . ”

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